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Partnership for the Public's Health:
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A diverse, cross-disciplinary team, California Convergence staff offer a wide range of personal and professional expertise, combining multi-level, systems thinking with hands-on community experience.

  • Lisa Hershey, MPH
  • Robin Dean, MPH
  • Kristania De Leon

  • Lisa Hershey, MPH

    Program Director, California Convergence Coordinating Office

    As Program Director for the California Convergence Coordinating Office, Lisa Hershey plans and manages the day-to-day operations of the California Convergence. Prior to Lisa's current position with the Public Health Institute, Lisa served as the Chief for the Coordinating Office for Obesity Prevention (CO-OP) in the California Department of Public Health. In this role, Lisa coordinated the department-wide obesity prevention policy efforts, coordinated external stakeholders wanting to collaborate for obesity prevention, and was the primary advisor to the Director's Office on obesity prevention issues and emerging policy, environmental change and health equity initiatives. She also managed the CO-OP staff of administrative and program personnel. Lisa held leadership positions at the state and local level; served on state and national committees and boards, and presented at state and national meetings. Lisa received a Masters in Public Health in Health Promotion and Education from Loma Linda University School of Public Health, with a minor in worksite wellness.

    Phone: (510) 409-2406 Email: lhershey@phi.org

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    Robin Dean

    Program Manager for Resource Development and Evaluation

    Robin Dean provides training, technical assistance, and other resources on behalf of the California Convergence Coordinating Office. Robin holds a Master's in Public Health with an emphasis on nutrition from the University of California at Berkeley School of Public Health. While volunteering with the Contra Costa County Health Services Department Healthy Neighborhoods Project, she developed a media advocacy plan for a community-proposed alcohol outlet ordinance, and authored Issue 16: Moving from Head to Heart: Using Media Advocacy to Talk about Affordable Housing (Berkeley Media Studies Group). Robin has more than 25 years of experience in monitoring, managing, coordinating training for, and evaluating social services programs for the Corporation for National and Community Service, Peace Corps, the American Institutes for Research, and Juárez and Associates, among other organizations.

    Phone: (510) 302-3371 Email: rdean@phi.org

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    Kristania De Leon

    Administrative Assistant

    As an Administrative Assistant to Partnership for the Public’s Health, Kristania De Leon provides administrative support to PPH members and staff. Prior to joining PPH, Kristania worked with local and international organizations on projects to promote and support diversity initiatives within school communities. She has worked with Aspire Public Schools and Village Counseling and Assessment Center, supporting multidisciplinary teams dedicated to serving our local communities. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of British Columbia.

    Phone: (510) 302-3349 Email: krdeleon@phi.org

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