MOVED TO SENATE: AB 516 - Safe Routes to Schools & AB 839 - Breakfast First

Alert Source: 
CCPHA (CA Center for Public Health Advocacy)
Jun 3 2011 - 5:00pm

DEADLINE: Friday, June 3 - Call legislators to support SB 727 (Mitchell) to increase access to healthy/ sustainable food

ACTION: call to legislators in support of two important bills related to the fight against childhood obesity that will likely be heard on the Assembly Floor on June 2-3

  • AB 839 (Brownley) – Putting Breakfast First. This bill will increase the use of federally funded school breakfast programs. Children who eat breakfast have healthier diets, perform better in school and are less likely to be overweight or obese
  • AB 516 (V.M. Pérez) – Safe Routes to School. This bill would modify the Safe Routes to School grant program to increase participation from socio-economically disadvantaged schools and communities. This grant program helps to increase the number of children that walk or bicycle to school by funding projects that remove parries that prevent or discourage them from doing so.

Please call your Assemblymember to urge them to support these important bills. To find out who your Assemblymember is and how to contact him or her go here.

Sample message for phone call:

"Hi, my name is ______ and I live in the Assemblymember’s district. I’m calling to urge the Assemblymember to vote 'yes' on two bills on the Assembly Floor that are important to the fight against childhood obesity. 

Those bills are AB 839 by Julia Brownley and AB 516 by Manny Pérez.

AB 839 will help to increase the use of healthy school breakfast programs and AB 516 will increase participation in the Safe Routes to Schools grant program from socio-economically disadvantaged schools and communities.”

Once you have made your phone call, please drop us a line here letting us know that you called your Assemblymember.

Thank you again for all your support. You are making a difference!

For more information:
Jennifer Richard
Policy Director
CA Center for Public Health Advocacy