Soda Tax (AB669) & Local Tax Rules (SB653) - HEARINGS 4/25 and 5/2 & local media opportunities

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California Committee for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA)


Soda Tax Action Opportunities


CCPHA/ California Convergence Soda Tax Revenue Report & Conference Call -

April 21, 2011


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California Committee for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA)


CCPHA Soda Tax Revenue Report


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Stefan Harvey (

Jennifer Richard (

Phone: 530-297-6000



ACTION OPPORTUNITIES for support or opposition to pending legislation 

  • Handwritten/typed letters are valued most highly by legislators
  • Community petitions with multiple signatures show volume of support
  • Organizational letters to legislators and media
  • Form letters, emails and faxes
  • Legislator may request information from local organizations not permitted to lobby (please contact CCPHA for details)


  1. Letters on Soda Tax AB669 bill (Monning) Hearing
    Monday, April 25 - Revenue Committee
    April 22 - Letters due
    Would move AB669 to the Suspense File for further consideration
    CCPHA information and sample letters

  2. Letters on Local Tax Rules - SB653 (Steinberg) Hearing:
    Monday, May 2 [ENACT DAY] – Budget Committee
    April 27 - Letters due by to be included in Committee Analysis
    information and sample letters – (SB653 information to be posted 4/26)

  3. Media Comments & Stories: Add your comments to current media reports on the Soda Tax Study Release