Your Calls Needed to Support Health Equity

Alert Source: 
CPEHN (California Pan-Ethnic Health Network)
May 31 2011 - 9:45am

Action Alert

CPEHN's bill to increase access to healthy foods will be voted on by the Assembly as soon as TOMORROW. AB 727 (Mitchell) establishes a food procurement policy that would ensure that food sold in state buildings meets minimum nutritional requirements and sustainable purchasing practices.

Call your Assemblymember today! You can find his or her number here.

Sample messages:

  • Hi, I live in ______, located in your District. I’m calling today to urge the Assemblymember to vote “yes” on AB 727.
  • AB 727 will provide healthier food options in state buildings, which will help prevent obesity and obesity-related chronic conditions and result in lowering the state’s health care costs.
  • AB 727 will also invest in California’s agriculture economy while minimizing harm to the environment by adopting sustainable purchasing practices.
The Assembly will be voting on AB 727 in the next couple of days, so call TODAY and voice your support.